The Ecopsychepedia

A trusted source for current research and thinking on how psychological factors drive the climate crisis, how the worsening crisis affects us psychologically, and what we can do about it.

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Our Mission

To share knowledge of the mental health impacts from climate instability and what we can do to address both the causes and the consequences of the challenges we face – and to inspire action to restore our course towards a safer and healthier future.


The Ecopsychepedia was given a generous donation for initial funding from the Reis family, through the Sire Foundation, and from Sage Wheeler.

The EPP was modeled in part on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, in consultation with Edward N. Zalta, and on Project Drawdown.

We are very grateful for their early confidence in us and our work.

This project is just beginning…

Entry Categories

You can browse Ecopsychepedia entries by one of our nine themes:


When people resist recognizing and responding to the climate crisis.

Climate emotions

Being in touch with what we feel can help us with managing climate distress, which in turn can help drive us to take action.

Equality and justice

In the climate crisis, addressing inequalities is a top priority.

The power of culture

We all are immersed in culture, and influenced by culture, often without recognizing its powerful effect on how we think, feel, and behave.

Nature as healer

Nature has a cornucopia of charms, tricks and secrets that, even if we’re not consciously aware of it, powerfully influence how we function.


Positive relationships provide the fuel to help us stay the course.

Resilience and regeneration

Becoming climate resilient involves learning to cope with the difficult impacts of the climate crisis, while also being open to the possibility of fulfillment and joy.

Mental health impacts

The climate crisis is a mental health crisis.

Success stories

Stories of adversities overcome, of vistas restored, of scientific innovations discovered, of new solutions found, of heroes rising up to fight for justice.

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