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If you’re looking to help us grow our content or to help us share information on the intersection of climate change, mental health, and human behaviour, this page is for you.

Participating in the Ecopsychepedia

The Ecopsychepedia is a free, reliable, easy-to-use source to learn about how psychological factors drive the climate crisis, and how it is, in turn, affecting us – our mental health, our emotions, our psychology, our relationships, our behaviour. Over the coming years, this resource will develop to cover the entire field of climate psychology. Developed by experts in the fields of mental health and human behaviour, the Ecopsychepedia is working to create a knowledge sharing hub, accessible to everyone, including researchers, health practitioners, students, parents, educators, policymakers, journalists, community leaders, and general readers. Understanding the psychological impacts of our changing climate is a starting point to building resilience and equipping people as agents of change. The Ecopsychepedia is a dynamic reference source that will be regularly updated with new articles and revisions to existing articles to maintain up-to-date information. This living, growing reference source will be responsive to the changes we hear, see and feel in our changing world.

How to Participate

Fill out our sign up form to tell us a bit about yourself, and how you want to get involved.

Ways to Participate

  • Writer: We publish concise and comprehensive entries on a major topic intersecting climate change, mental health, and human psychology or behaviour. Entries are written for a wide audience and reflect the most current thinking of the topic.
  • Reviewer or mentor: Reviewers have existing knowledge on a given topic, and take part in our editorial process to ensure that entry content is accurate, up-to-date, and trustworthy. Mentors offer guidance to early-career writers to make sure the material is high-quality, reliable, and comprehensive.
  • Volunteer: We could use a helping hand for a number of roles, including: fundraising, grant writing, web design and management, outreach and public relations, event planning.
  • Partner: Our mission is to share knowledge on the mental health impacts of climate instability and what we can do about it. We can only achieve this through a synergistic network of groups and organizations, supporting each other’s goals.
  • Funder or donor: We’re a small team growing a big information source. Funding support will help us recruit and train writers, edit entries, maintain our website, and spread the word about the project – to continue producing free, accurate, and current information for the people who need it.
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Why Participate

Share knowledge

Help build a needed resource that covers under-communicated information on climate, mental health, and human behavior.

Access and equity

Unlike many other information sources that are behind a paywall, the Ecopsychepedia is free so that everyone can access it.

Dissemination and visibility

Gain authorship on an important topic in climate psychology and help bring awareness of your work to a wide audience.

A global, interdisciplinary network

You’ll be joining a network of experts across many fields, including health practitioners, academics, activists, community organizers, policy analysts, and educators, with the common goal of communicating climate psychology.


Our platform gives writers the ability to revise and keep their entries up to date. As a small team, we offer flexible timelines and work with writers to support their needs.

Help us build this much-needed information source.