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What is the Ecopsychepedia?

The Ecopsychepedia is a go-to source for information on how human activity has caused the climate crisis, on how the crisis is now, in turn, affecting us – and, critically, on what we can do about it.

a living, Growing source

The psychological roots and mental health impacts of the climate crisis appear in every aspect of our lives. They affect us personally and collectively influence the national mood, shaping our culture in a way that drives our economy, our politics, the quality of life in our communities. They are increasingly affecting how we treat each other. Greater attention to the mental health impacts of the climate crisis is needed and long overdue – the Ecopsychepedia addresses this.

The name Eco-psyche-pedia emphasizes that the ecological (eco) and the psychological (psyche) are linked and deeply intertwined. Each aspect affects the other. The ecological covers ecology, nature, the non-human, the planetary systems that support life, and much more. The psychological includes states of mind, studies of the brain, individual and group behaviors, and cultural factors. 

The material has been developed by experts in the fields of climate mental health and human behavior. The Ecopsychepedia is written in simple language so everyone can understand it, and it is free so everyone can access it.

Being aware

You may want to consider the emotional impact of what you read. The Ecopsychepedia contains challenging topics, and reading about them may at times prove emotionally difficult. We want to encourage you to check in with your emotional experience while you read and reflect on how much you’d like to take in at once. 

Help us build this much-needed information source.