How to cite the Ecopsychepedia

We recommend citing the Ecopsychepedia as a hybrid of how you would cite a Wikipedia entry (which doesn’t have listed authors) and an online encyclopedia entry that has listed authors. This preserves the date of access while also recognizing the specific authors of the entry.

Each entry has an Author and Version Info subheading, where you can find a history of version updates and a list of authors on the entry.

We do not currently have the capacity to provide archived versions of entries for citation purposes. In the future, we would like to incorporate archived version histories into our website. We recommend taking a screenshot of the content you accessed on the date you accessed it.

APA Format

Lastname, F. M. (Year, Month Date [Of most recent update at Author and Version Info]). Title of Entry. In Ecopsychepedia. URL.

MLA Format

Lastname, Firstname. “Entry Title.” Ecopsychepedia, URL. Accessed (Day Month Year).


Lastname, Firstname. Ecopsychepedia, s.v. “Entry Title,” Last modified Month Day, Year, URL.